Bringing Culture to You

10th Annual International Festival of North Alabama


iFest 10 Committee Chairs


Festival Chair: Belinda Ong     |

Festival Co-Chair: Melody Ng     |

Sponsorship Chair: Michelle Ross     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Michael Ayokanmbi     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Gloria Vergara     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Amy Zhang     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Mark Jackson     |

Sponsorship Co-Chair: Aladin Beshir     |

PR/Marketing Chair: Jim Zielinski     |

PR/Marketing Co-Chair: Suci Brooks     |

PR/Marketing Co-Chair: Fabiana Cantoni     |

Treasurer Chair: Barbara Liaw     |

Countries Chair: Michelle Ross     |

Performances Chair: Melody Ng     |

Performances Co-Chair: Kayla Wright     |

Food Truck and Food Vendor Chair: Michelle Ross     |

Open Air Vendor and Indoor Booth Chair: Briseida Cardwell     |

Open Air Vendor and Indoor Booth Co-Chair: Flora Johnson     |

Volunteers Chair: Rebecca Brothers     |

Volunteers Co-Chair: Sai Susheel Praneeth Kode     |

Logistic Chair: Ron Schwertfeger     |

Logistic Co-Chair: Taylor Myers     |

Logistic Co-Chair:Joshua Verble     |

Signage Chair: Maria Kimpe     |

Graphic: Doug Bolden     |

Graphic: Somi Park     |

Hospitality Room Chair: Leslie Grant     |

Hospitality Room Co-Chair: Elena Olariu     |

Hospitality Room Co-Chair: Kathryn Carroll     |


We welcome donations!

iFest 2019

We are now accepting donations through PayPal in a continuing effort to improve our events and promote further growth of the community. We greatly appreciate any and all donations made to help our cause.

If you wish to donate on behalf of a business or organization, see our sponsorship flyer to see which benefits and opportunities are available.

ISH Sponsors

International Society of Huntsville

Mailing Address: PO Box 2602 Huntsville AL. 35803